Historical and Cultural Environment antalya-5With few bastions inside the city walls since the walls of the city and next to Hadrian’s Gate towers, tower overlooking the harbor and the harbor walls, some parts remain large. Two walls of the marina, and the other as the city is surrounded by a horseshoe. Castle Gate Square is one of the surviving towers are used as a clock tower. There are four gates leading into the city walls. Kaleici Antalya Today “History of the Core City” and “Old City” was not destroyed a large part of the district known as surrounded by two walls. Inner walls, the marina is surrounded by a half circle. Old City as a result of the restoration work, pensions, bars, shopping, tourism has become the center. Are in the marina harbor. April 28, 1984 at the Ministry of Tourism for Keleiçi FİJET restoration work by the Golden Apple (Tourism Oscar) awards are given. Until next time, Hadrian’s Gate is the only gate with two towers Üçkapılar or alias sound is Hadrian’s Gate, the most beautiful gate of Pamphylia. A.D. The advent of Antalya, in honor of the emperor Hadrian in 130 doors, columns, except made entirely of white marble. Extraordinary carvings and reliefs. Antalya_kuunlu_elalesiOccurrence of very hot summers and mild winters old house in Antalya Antalya construction of houses too cold, the sun is important to provide prevention and coolness. Gizzard and the shaded courtyards features that facilitate the flow of air. Warehouses and built on three floors with entrance hall, acting as.